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MEDIA RELEASE 11.24.13 District 86 Toastmasters 


awardThe Communication and Leadership Award is the highest Toastmasters award available for the District to present to a non-Toastmaster. The District presents this award to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in the community through communication and leadership, such as a media person, a provincial or local politician, a business person or a community volunteer.
Lorraine Leslie stood before 250 Toastmasters to accept the prestigious Communication & Leadership Award 2013 on Saturday November 23, 2013 at Blue Mountain Resort. Lorraine’s extensive career background as one of the first 52 police women in Toronto, her educational and unique approach to fitness and personal training for people of all ages, along with her dedication to helping others, either in business mentoring and or volunteer work in numerous communities throughout the Ontario, Lorraine was an unanimous choice of the over two thousand Toastmasters in Southern Ontario. 
2013 Award Recipient
Lorraine Leslie (Founder/Publisher Women with Vision!® and Certified Life Coach)
Blue Mountains ON

Past Award Recipients
Dave Sopha, (artist – Portrait of Honour)
Lieutenant Governor Of Ontario, The Honourable James Bartleman
Ed Holder, MP
Dr. Roberta Bondar (Astronaut)
Erin Davis (CHFI Radio)
Mike (Pinball) Clements (coach – Toronto Argonauts)
Lieutenant Governor Of Ontario, The Honourable Lincoln Alexander
Laura Sabia, Womens Advocate
Ken Shaw (News Anchor-CFTO)
Mayor Hazel McCallion
Major General Lewis Mackenzie
Bob Proctor, International Speaker
Ronald McDonald House
Sue Johanson, Media Educator
Major General Richard Rohmer
Don Herron, Entertainer
Dr Gordon Flett, Scholar.
Carl Zehr, Mayor.

Jul 292013


Once a police officer ….always a police officer… Yes, scary but true but with a different sense.
All I want to do is keep you safe!

I say this, as it’s becoming more and more apparent to me as I see many driving mishaps and mistakes people are making on our roads today. On highways, rural roads and even out on a Sunday drive.

On my way home yesterday I was driving behind a car when they put on their left indicator to turn left.
I slowed down and prepared to stop behind them. It wasn’t more than three seconds for four cars to pull out to my right and leave the road to drive on the soft gravel shoulder to pass me.

I know all these people took the same driver training I took. I could tell by seeing the age demographic they all actually took driving lesson more recent than I did with updated technology, print manuals and driver training with an instructor.
I learned to drive in the driveway of my father’s farm. Then I graduated to the rural side road. My parallel parking was learned in a parking lot; I became an expert at parking.

Back to my blog – here I was waiting for the car in front to turn left which actually took a total of thirty seconds.
The cars passing me were driving at the same speed as the speed limit, blowing up stones and dust making it difficult for all the drivers concerned to see all around them.

What’s the huge rush?
Where’s the emergency?
Was someone having a baby – which I could deliver – LOL

Just to reinforce…when you drive up behind another car that signals a left turn and there is no paved passing lane on the right, please slow down and wait. You never know if a car/truck is coming out of that same the driver is wishing to turn onto. You could collide with another vehicle unexpectedly while trying to rush past the stopped car.

Plus, did you know if observed and stopped by a police officer the fine could be up to $500, loss of points, plus a possible charge of dangerous driving.

Ask yourself – is it worth it?
Possible death…
A huge fine plus loosing points
All to get there three seconds early…

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Jul 052013

wwv_logo140I can receive up to a hundred emails a day.  Today in cleaning up my computer email inbox I noticed that a lot of the emails are not complete… the SUBJECT BOX to identify the purpose of the email just has “Re:”. What’s that all about?

When I receive these emails, and I know they are not from close friends and or business colleagues who I recognize their email address…they GO DIRECTLY TO DELETE.

Am I losing out on a great opportunity? You might say yes. I say NO!

You see if someone hasn’t got the time to complete the “subject box” into an email that tells me that they are in a rush and don’t really take the time to communicate what their intension is to do business with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I welcome everyone as you never know where your next client is going to come from. It’s called ‘editing’, which I do for a living.

For example: I might get a referral email but unless I know what, who and why they are emailing me, I usually don’t respond or delete the email. There is a lot of spam out there so not to compromise my data base, business relationships I don’t take the chance of being hacked, so I just delete that email.

I’ve built a business from nothing in the past 14 years and I find taking the time to complete the SUBJECT BOX with an appropriate caption/statement has really helped me to connect and network with new people.

I know from experience by filing in the SUBJECT BOX with the appropriate caption/statement the person receiving the email can rest assured I serious about doing business with them.

Just sharing…hope this little tidbit helps you find more customers for your business.







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