Dec 302010
Lorraine Leslie

Lorraine Leslie

As late December brings frosty mornings and chilly nights I turn my thoughts to what the New Year will bring each of us. I predict that 2011 will hold many great opportunities; especially when we decide in what direction we want our lives to go.

We are all faced with many challenges, hourly, weekly, monthly and annually, but taking a moment to focus with self-affirmations, people can shape their own destiny with a positive attitude and by controlling their train of thought.

No New Year’s Resolutions for me… but… I do I like to refer to my ‘inner thoughts’ as my ‘outer words’. Let me explain this to you…

Over the past 12 years I have been asked many times: “What’s the secret of your amazing success in creating Women with Vision?” With a deep personal sense of peace and a smile on my face my reply is always the same, “What it really comes down to is this: I’m always wanting to move forward so I practice a powerful “thought exercise” using my conscious awareness (inner thoughts) of what I want my future to look like. I picture the future.”

When pulling together this issue of Women with Vision I asked myself how I can share with you, our reader, some words of wisdom to help you to have a happy and prosperous future. I began by repeating aloud, over and over again, this inner thought: 2011 is going to be a year of inner and outer growth as a person who enjoys sharing with others.

So, here is a little trick I use when faced with challenges to transform my daily life and thus enable myself to move forward. This is what I do and you can too: When a negative thought comes into your mind simply catch yourself, stop and think how you can change that thought into a positive affirmation that will move you forward. I’ve learned that speaking my new positive thought aloud instantly creates a sense of inner peace knowing that I’ve made another positive decision. I hear my own voice!

Here is an example of changing personal negative inner thoughts into positive outer words…

Inner Thought – I can’t lose any weight.
Outer Words – I feel so happy and glad I’ve lost 20 pounds!

By envisioning yourself 20 pounds lighter your conscious mind will start to believe that you are 20 pounds lighter…and before you know it, without really trying, within a few months you will notice your clothes getting looser and the weight coming off magically. Simply pay attention to your ‘inner thoughts’ and start saying your ‘outer words’ aloud and watch what happens!

And please, let me know about your success stories! By using your conscious mind to manifest your future, whether for your personal or business life the most surprising things will start to happen as you move forward into 2011.

Happy New Year!