Mar 312011

how to heal dry and cracked hands

By Beth Nigh

Certified Esthetician

Dry, red and cracking hands can be caused by cold weather, harsh soaps and frequent hand washing.  Many of us suffer from this painful condition, so here is a recipe with ingredients that can be easily found at your local health-food store and pharmacy that I find works wonders.

1      Tablespoon pure unbleached Beeswax

1/4   Cup Olive Oil

1      Teaspoon Anhydrous Lanolin (Lansinoh an be found in baby section of pharmacy)

1      Tablespoon Avocado Oil

1      Teaspoon Vitamin E Oil

10    Drops Evening Primrose Oil

10    Drops Lavender Oil

On low heat, pour olive oil into a saucepan and add lanolin, beeswax and avocado oil.  Once beeswax has melted, remove from heat and add the remaining ingredients.  Allow to cool.  Pour into container and store in refrigerator.

Wash hands with gentle cleansers that do not contain alcohol.  Look for natural ingredients on the label such as, aloe,

Shae Butter, and olive oil.

Pat hands dry, leaving them damp.

Apply a generous amount of your treatment cream.

For best results, wrap your hands in saran or insert into plastic bags.  Then wrap once more in warm towels for at least 20 minutes. (The longer the better!)   You will not have to rinse this off.

This treatment can not be overdone.

I recommend it daily until those painful cracks have healed.

Mar 272011

By Marilyn Wetston
The Wardrobe Doctor

Marilyn Wetston

Marilyn Wetson - The Wardrobe Doctor

It’s spring and if the extra pounds of winter are still with you; do not despair. It is not too late to resolve to lose weight and get in shape for the new season.

A personal fitness trainer of mine says that it takes three weeks to make working out a habit and if you commit to at least three thirty minute workouts per week one can loose up to twelve pounds.  This definitely should assure you that a realistic goal is attainable when you put your plan in action.

Always set a goal and do not put obstacles in your way. For example, don’t let your lack of stylish gym clothes get in the way. Initially you can work out in comfortable easy clothing such as a t shirt and tights, sweat pants or shorts. You will need socks and running shoes too. The idea is to get started while you are motivated.

Remember, if you do set a goal and work towards it you’ll shortly need workout clothing in a smaller size.

If, however, you find that stylish new clothes to train in would inspire you, then opt for a little work out wear starter kit in styles and colours that complement you. Your shoes and socks will always fit so buy the best you can afford. Look for clothing that fits you and does not get in the way when you do your work out.

Athletic wear needs to be perspiration wicking and have stretch. It can be made of natural fabrics like cotton, soy, or bamboo or hi tech polyester and spandex. As in regular clothing each brand has its own version of the ideal thing to wear when you work out. It is up to you to determine what works best for your needs.

Spring Fitness: What to WearKeep in mind that every ten pounds you lose is a size, so when you buy your athletic clothing select the size that exactly fits now.  In this way it will stay useful for your training for up to a loss of 20 pounds or more.

A sports bra is a worthwhile investment. Make certain your bra fits you and supports you well, especially while you work out.

Unless you work in a fitness club, your fitness schedule will impact on what you wear. If you work out before your day starts you can wear your fitness clothes to the club and change for work there. In this instance pack your work wear – shoes, stockings, clothes, cosmetics and personal hygiene items. If, however, you work out at noon, pack your workout wear and make certain that the clothes you wear to work are easy to change in and out of because time will be of the essence. You will find it easy to be a quick change artist when you plan and pack in advance.

While moving yourself in the right direction, dress thin. Use the concept of three piece dressing to conceal any excess weight. Enjoy the eye catching benefits of strategically using bold and bright accessories to keep the attention at your head and shoulders and do not forget that the colours and patterns you select and where you place them will camouflage excess pounds as well.

When you set a goal to fit a smaller size be confident that it can be done.  Then make its execution as easy as possible. You will have set the path of least resistance in play and will have a better chance of achieving your goal. It can be done!

Marilyn Wetston

Mar 092011

by Donna Messer

What Does a “Sense of Community” Mean Today?

Think about it a little. When the “now boomers” got off work as a young adult you would probably go home, call some friends and get together to enjoy a cup of tea, a movie, a game of scrabble or to just talk. You all lived in the same community, so getting together was simple.

Donna Messer

Donna Messer

What’s happening to this generation?

They get home and instead of calling friends, they type in their user name and pass code and log on to Facebook. Is our
sense of community, that face to face connection being lost?

The argument that the community is dying is a common one. Older generations see pot luck suppers, church groups and community centers as their community. Today’s young people are saying their communities are still very much alive and well; they’re simply changing.

People gathering is still around, what’s changing is the format in which today’s generation does it. They no longer get together physically and talk about their day.

Today, everyone logs on and says, ‘Hey, what’s happening?’” As a sign of just how imbedded social networking has become; Mark Zuckerberg has recently been named “Time’s Person of the Year”.

Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook and succeeded in ushering in this new way to connect to community; this new way stretches far beyond a conventional, physical location, today’s community has taken new heights, it’s now on a digital and global scale.

Despite concerns, experts say this new community is actually a fairly healthy and beneficial alternative. A study done at Carnegie Mellon University found that greater social networking site activity is associated with increased social capital and reduced loneliness. Today, a strong Facebook network is a predictor of social well-being in the real world.

How can those of us from past generations learn from and utilize this new community?

Face-to-face communication involves commonly understood facial expressions and tones; put those same conversations online and they’re stripped of personal touches, causing communication breakdowns.

We have to adapt to this “new neighborhood”. We can learn to better express ourselves; using emoticons, symbols representing expressions and feelings. Local colleges are developing web rules called netiquette to reduce online communication mishaps. We might want to enroll!

As we exist online more and more, we will develop more skills to be able to communicate how we want to communicate. It’s really relationship building 101 for the on line community. If you’re not maximizing your on line presence, you just might be missing out on some great new friends. This new virtual community hasn’t replaced my existing face to face one; it’s simply given me a whole new perspective in the Art of Effecting Networking! See you on Facebook and LinkedIn!

Donna Messer
Networking Expert, International Speaker